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- We have a new partner - Alfatronix (Great Britain)

- New dual-band mobile transceiver by ICOM - IC-2730E!

- New hand-held digital radios by HYTERA!

- New YAESU digital repeater at Black peak (Vitosha mountain), thanks to SWAT - callsign LZ0DOE, 439.000 MHz -7.6 MHz shift, CTCSS: 79.7

- On occasion of ICOM's 50th anniversary - new limited edition transceiver - IC-7850!

- In 2015: a new generation receiver by AOR - AR-DV1!

- Digital repeater System Fusion by YAESU - DR-1XE!

- New license free PMR446 radio from ICOM - IC-F29SR!

- New marine fixed-mount transceiver by ICOM - IC-M506EURO!

- New ICOM mobile dual-band D-Star transceiver with a Touch screen - ID-5100E!

- New digital decoder by AOR - ARD-300!

- The new YAESU digital dual-band mobile transceiver FTM-400DE is now available for order!

- Analogue/digital amateur transceivers by YAESU - System Fusion!

- New Digital Radios by HYTERA!

- New YAESU hand-held amateur transceiver - FT-252E!

- The new YAESU transceiver FT-DX1200 is now available for order!

- The new ICOM transceiver IC-7100 - first with Touch Screen - is now available for order!

- New Digital Radios by VERTEX STANDARD!

- ID-51E - the new ICOM dual-band D-Star hand-held transceiver - is here!

- A new wide-band receiver from the Japanese manufacturer AOR - AR-6000 - from 9 kHz to 6 GHz!

- New license free PMR446 radio from Hytera - Power446!

- New hand-held marine radio from ICOM - IC-M73EURO!

- The new YAESU digital dual-band hand-held transceiver FT-1DE is now available for order!

- Payment by bank cards (VISA/VISA ELECTRON/MASTER/MAESTRO) is now possible at our office

- VERTEX STANDARD Digital Radios!

- The 2nd D-Star repeater in Bulgaria is functional - callsign LZ0DVB, Rx 431.950 MHz, Tx 439.550 MHz, modulation: GMSK, QTH - peak Botev

- New fixed-mount marine ICOM transceiver - IC-M423!

- New ICOM marine hand-held transceiver IC-M91D!

- New D-STAR amateur transceiver from ICOM - ID-31E!

- New series professional hand-held transceivers from VERTEX STANDARD - VX-450 Series!

- New professional mobile transceivers from VERTEX STANDARD - VX-4500/VX-4600!

- The new ICOM transceiver IC-7410 is now available for order!

- SEPURA launches the first intrinsically safe (ATEX) submersible (IP67) TETRA hand-held radio STP-8X

- The new ICOM transceiver IC-9100 is now available for order!

- ICOM Digital Radios

- HYTERA Digital Radios

- D-STAR Promotion Movie

- The First Bulgarian D-STAR Repeater is installed - callsign LZ0DSR, Rx 431.575 MHz, Tx 439.175 MHz, modulation: GMSK, QTH - Vitosha mountain

about us

INTEGRA-A LTD. was established in 1993 in Sofia.

The company is a distributor of two-way radio communications equipment and accessories: hand-held, mobile and base radios; marine and air-band radios; license free two-way radios; receivers; coaxial cables, power supplies, power amplifiers, antennas, microphones, etc. The company also specializes in security and police equipment. Next to delivery, the company offers pre-sales testing, installation and service of all equipment and services offered. We also install and maintain VSAT systems based on Gilat equipment.

Since 1993 INTEGRA-A LTD. functions as the exclusive National distributor of  /  (Japan, USA) and does import, testing, programming, installation, warranty and post-warranty of all products offered by the manufacturer.

Since 1995 INTEGRA-A LTD. is also a distributor for  (Japan) and offers the whole Icom range of products.

INTEGRA-A LTD. is also a dealer of  (Japan), manufacturer of professional receivers and modems.

Since 2001 INTEGRA-A LTD. has been the National distributor of ( ) - China, the leading Chinese two-way radio manufacturer, which in the past few years made a big step in the development and manufacturing of professional two-way radios as well as PMR 446 license-free radios.

Since 2004 INTEGRA-A LTD. is also a National distributor of the leading manufacturer of tetra equipment -  - UK.

Apart from all manufacturers listed above, INTEGRA-A LTD. also works with:

·  ,  and (UK);

·  (Denmark);

·  (Hungary);

·  (Russia);


·  and  (Spain);

·  (Italy);

· Aliveal, Legion and Luckwell (Taiwan);

· E-SUN, Power-Time and Voxtech (China).

INTEGRA-A LTD. is a ISO9001 certified company since 2004.

The aim of the company is to offer specific solutions to all customers depending on their needs and requirements.